Nocorium PVS14-Elbit Wrap

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The Nocorium PVS14-Elbit Wrap™ is a non-permanent, adhesive-backed vinyl wrap carefully designed and precision cut to customize the appearance of your PVS14-Elbit Night Vision Device (PVS-14 Elbit is not included ... obviously).

*** PRODUCT NOTE 1: while most PVS14 Monocular devices are very similar, there are a few different battery housings available on the market. The wrap you see here, is designed specifically for the scooped battery housing, also often referred to as the Elbit or ITT battery housing.

*** PRODUCT NOTE 2: Since filming this install video, it came to our attention that this particular battery housing was offered by many different NV OEMs, each designed the battery orientation emblem to varying different sizes and styles. As a result, we have now omitted the cutout for the battery emblem.

Available in a range of colors. Multicam options are licensed from Crye Precision. Solid Color options are carefully calibrated to match common color tones used for accessories in those color families.

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* If this is your first time applying these NVG Wraps™, or if you need a refresher on how to apply them / reminder of where the pieces go, make sure you watch our how to video!:

• Manufacturer : Nocorium™
• Material : Premium Adhesive backed printed opaque vinyl film
• Adhesive Type : non-permanent acrylic adhesive
• Surface Finish : Matte finish overlaminate
• UV Resistance : UV coated to resist fading from sun exposure
• Shrinkage : Will not shrink
• Flammability Tested : ASTM E-84 tested and passed
• Operating temperatures : -70°F to 220°F

* Please note: Nocorium™ and associated dealers are not responsible for damaged NVG Wraps™ due to improper end user installation.