About Us

Nocorium™ began with a simple mission: make affordable vinyl coverings for a wide range of Night Vision Devices. There were several devices that did not have industry support in this regard (RNVG's, PVS-31's, ANVIS9's, etc) and it went from "how do we cover these devices effectively to change their visual signature?", to "hey, this can benefit a lot of NVG users who are in need of such a product." So we needed to figure out how to get vinyl coverings that were suitable for the task and they needed to be precisely cut for the devices they were destined for. Oh, and it would be awesome if these coverings were made from 100% USA sourced materials, manufactured in the USA, and supporting USA supply chains and industry. Basically, the goal was the product needed to be born, raised and wholly created in the USA, from start to finish. We experimented with a variety of materials before selecting our specific automotive-grade vinyl. Testing. More testing. And we've finally arrived at a product that we're proud to put out there. So here's to new beginnings. Thank you for joining us on this journey!