What is Nocorium™ ???

Nocorium™ is a non-permanent, premium grade adhesive-backed vinyl wrap carefully designed and precision cut to customize the appearance of your Night Vision Device. Nocorium NVG Wraps™ are essentially a second skin for Night Vision Goggles that provides an additional layer of protection from minor scuffs and scratches*, while also allowing the device to better blend-in to your surroundings.

Nocorium™ is easy to peel off the backing. It is easy to apply. And when you want to change it up, it is easy to remove when the time comes. Residual adhesive residue on the housing will be minimal (if present at all) even after years of being applied. The revolutionary dual system adhesive backing allows the material to be installed while providing some slideability and repositionability of the pieces. This ensures every piece properly conforms to complex surfaces with an optimal fit. Once the desired position and shaping has been achieved, pressing the wrap material firmly into the device’s surface breaks open microscopic acrylic adhesive particles that form the real adhesive bond to the surface and will continue to strengthen over the following 24 hours. When applied correctly, the end result is a clean and bubble free surface appearance that remains in place until the user chooses to remove it.

Most Night Vision Devices are typically all black in external appearance, and while they may not stand out much when observed in visible light, that black exterior has a high contrast visual signature when seen under infrared. The NVG Wraps™ are non-reflective as they have a matte finish overlaminate. When viewed under both passive and active IR light, the highly effective Nocorium™ material blends-in about the same as regular multicam fabric. In fact, the material has a much lower visual signature under IR when compared to the black polymer and black anodized components of the device itself. Nocorium™ not only looks good, it also has beneficial function as IR camouflage.

Areas of operations can change: You might be in an urban environment one day but then a woodland or arid or snowy environment in the near future. The need to blend in continues. A paint job, be it Cerakote or rattle can paint can be quite an aesthetic commitment and labor-intensive to remove. In comparison, Nocorium NVG Wraps™ allow you to change the surface appearance of your Night Vision Device as often as you like or even revert back to its all black original appearance with no clean up needed. Nocorium NVG Wraps™ are available in a wide range of colors. Multicam options are exclusively licensed from Crye Precision®. Solid Color options are carefully calibrated to match common color tones used for accessories in those color families.

Nocorium NVG Wraps™ are an excellent solution to changing the appearance of your Night Vision Device and the diverse range of colors and camouflage patterns available gives you lots of options. 

So, Nocorium™ ... how did we come up with such a name? We essentially took the abbreviation for Nocturnal: "NOC", and combined that with the Latin word "Corium" which is another term for dermis (aka "skin", for you crayon-eaters).


* While we hope the Nocorium NVG Wrap™ will help protect your device against minor scuffs, we make NO GUARANTEE that it will do so. Your NVG device is expensive, it should be treated as such and with care.