How To's

Welcome to our How-To Page!

• How To prep your NVGs before applying Nocorium NVG Wraps™:

CLEAN NIGHT VISION DEVICE SURFACE BEFORE APPLYING CAMO WRAPS. Remove the Night Vision Device from the NVG helmet mount. Use mild soap and water or isopropyl alcohol to clean the exterior surface of the device. Do not use harsh chemicals. Remove all dirt and grease and allow to fully dry before applying Nocorium™ NVG Wraps.

• How To apply your Nocorium NVG Wraps™ to the device:

APPLY THE WRAPS TO THE NVG DEVICE. Make sure your hands are clean and free of excess oils and/or dirt before handling the now clean NVG device and Nocorium™ wrap materials. Carefully peel off a vinyl wrap from the backer sheet and apply the each section of wrap to the proper location on the NVG Device. Do not stretch the vinyl wrap material.

* Please note: Nocorium™ and associated dealers are not responsible for damaged NVG Wraps™ due to improper end user installation. If it's your first time applying NVG Wraps™, we strongly recommend you take your time with the material and plan ahead as to how the pieces are supposed to go on. The material is relatively forgiving to work with, and you may be able to reposition it a couple times, but if it gets stuck to itself it will most likely stay that way as the adhesive is very strong (intentionally so). 

• How To make your life easier:

OPTIONAL: CUT OUT THE WRAPS BEFORE REMOVING THE BACKING. The full set of NVG Wraps™ come on a single backing sheet. One great tip we have to make your life easier is to rough cut around the vinyl pieces (making sure you don't trim off any of the vinyl itself). Once the pieces are in their separate components but still with their backing attached, you can mock place each piece according to where it's supposed to go on the device and plan ahead as to any geometry on the device you'll have to work around or align to.

If you want to check out a more thorough step by step guide to applying NVG Wraps™, we have videos for our most popular three devices:

• How To care for your Nocorium NVG Wraps™:

Nocorium NVG Wraps™ are made from automotive grade vinyl adhesive materials. They are UV coated and treated to not fade from sun exposure. We do consider them to be wear items. If you are rough with your night vision equipment you could scuff and possibly tear your NVG vinyl wrap. Handle your night vision equipment with consideration as to the rather expensive equipment that it is and your Nocorium NVG Wrap™ will last a very long time. 

• How To remove the Nocorium NVG Wraps™:

To remove the vinyl wraps, find an edge or corner of the wrap and simply peel off slowly. Residual adhesive residue should be minimal if at all. Optional: After the NVG wrap has been removed, wipe down the exterior surface with a isopropyl alcohol wipe if you're going to put a new set of NVG Wraps on.