Nocorium Peltor ComTac 3 Ear Protection Wrap

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The Nocorium Peltor Comtac 3 Ear Protection Wrap™ is a non-permanent, adhesive-backed vinyl wrap carefully designed and precision cut to customize the appearance of your Peltor Comtac 3 Headset (headset is not included ... obviously).

* It's not clear if this template works with later generations of the 3M Peltor Comtac. This page will be updated as more compatibility is discovered.

Available in a range of colors. Multicam options are licensed from Crye Precision. Solid Color options are carefully calibrated to match common color tones used for accessories in those color families.

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• Manufacturer : Nocorium™
• Material : Premium Adhesive backed printed opaque vinyl film
• Adhesive Type : non-permanent acrylic adhesive
• Surface Finish : Matte finish overlaminate
• UV Resistance : UV coated to resist fading from sun exposure
• Shrinkage : Will not shrink
• Flammability Tested : ASTM E-84 tested and passed
• Operating temperatures : -70°F to 220°F

* Please note: Nocorium™ and associated dealers are not responsible for damaged NVG Wraps™ due to improper end user installation.